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We as INSPECT started to provide CoC (Certificate of Conformity) by being solely and authorised agency of CCIC (China Certification and Inspection Company) in Turkey for exports to Zanzibar Island of Tanzania.

CCIC has been authorised by ZBS (Zanzibar Bureau of Standards) to issue Certificate of Conformity (CoC) for global exports to Zanzibar Island of Tanzania. 

The list of products’ group is below which are subjected to the related inspection program;

  1. Toys and Sports Products
  2. Electrical and Electronical Products
  3. Automotive
  4. Chemical Products
  5. Mechanical materials and Gas Appliances
  6. Paper and Stationery Products
  7. Furniture (Wooden and Metal Products)
  8. Textile, Leather, Plastics and Rubber
  9. Safety (personal protective) Equipment
  10. Food Products
  11. Used Products
  12. Fuel Products

We kindly await your esteemed enquiries and ask you to contact us for details.

Our in-charge personnel for details;

Boran Ateş (Inspection Manager) –  boran@inspect.com.tr 

Pınar Şahan (Inspection Operations Responsible) – gozetim@inspect.com.tr