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Companies that have completed their registration with the GOEIC (General Organization of Export and Import Control) which is a governmental institution in Egypt, have started to obtain a Certificate of Conformity / CoC for their each shipment.

INSPECT has started to issue the Certificate of Conformity (CoC) for exported products into Egypt as an approved inspection body by GOEIC as of September 2020.

As INSPECT, we can issue a Certificate of Conformity (CoC) for below-listed product groups to be exported to Egypt;

1) Textile Products

2) Cosmetics and Personal Care Products

3) Kitchen and Cooking Equipment

4) Footwear

5) Building Materials

6) Toys

Through our representative office in Egypt, we are able to solve possible problems that may arise in shipments on site and quickly.

We kindly await your esteemed enquiries and ask you to contact us for details.

Our in-charge personnel for details;

Boran Ateş (Inspection Manager) –  boran@inspect.com.tr 

Pınar Şahan (Inspection Operations Responsible) – gozetim@inspect.com.tr


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