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EAC Customs Union Certificate, with its short name or known as EAC Certificate, certificate formats to be applied in the Customs Union in accordance with the Eurasian Economic Community Commission's decision dated 25 December 2012 and No. 293 were legalised within the framework of Technical Regulations and started to be implemented as of February 15, 2013.

The EAC Certificate is the document that demonstrates the conformity of the products to the markets of the Eurasian Economic Union countries which were established by Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan and including Kyrgyzstan and Armenia in 2015.

This application is still valid for the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia. TR CU (EAC) Customs Union Certification replaces the old official certification system named the GOST system.

This certificate means that the products imported by the Customs Union countries are in compliance with the current laws and Technical Regulations.

This certificate can be issued on a batch basis for a certain number of products or on the basis of serial production for 1, 3 and maximum 5 years.

For EAC Certificate Certification, sampling, accredited laboratory testing and factory audit to be made at the manufacturing plant are required. 

The laboratory test results to be made are delivered to the customer along with the certificate.

In addition, all documents given during the certification are registered in the Customs Union database and the existence and content of the certificate can be examined by everyone at all customs.

For EAC Certificate Customs Union Certification, an officially registered representative company, customer, intermediary or local persons are required in any of the member countries.

One Time Certificate:

In order to obtain this certificate, a Russian importer company that will purchase your shipping products is required.

The importer Russian company has to obtain this certificate for a certain amount of product to be purchased from your company. 

The relevant certificate contains information such as the place of manufacture of the products, HS Codes of the products, importer company name, contract date and number.

Such certificates are valid for one-time use on behalf of a certain Russian importer company, on behalf of the products whose quantity and type are written on the certificate.

1-Year Serial Production Certificate:

These are the certificates given for a period of 1 year by the auditors who are experts in their fields, without factory audit, by proceeding only with sampling and technical documentation.

These certificates are issued for serial production and serve the same function as 3-year certificates.

3-5 Year Serial Production Certificate:

These are the certificates given for serial production, covering a period of 3 or 5 years, by auditing the factory by auditors who are experts in their fields.

The certificates obtained in this way are valid in the customs procedures of all shipments to be made for 3 or 5 years and at the same time in the domestic market of Eurasian countries where declaration is required.

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