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UKCA Certificate

UKCA is an abbreviation consisting of the initials of the United Kingdom Conformity Assessment. The UKCA marking of manufacturers’ products will indicate that they have passed the conformity assessment processes published by the UK and their conformity has been approved.
After the BREXIT process, which has now been implemented as of January 1, 2021, manufacturers who want to export their products to the UK countries can start the certification process in order to attach the UKCA mark to their products. The UKCA mark will only be a valid mark for exports to the UK countries, so as the CE mark, it will not be valid in other countries that are members of the European Union. Manufacturers who have already attached CE mark to their products or those who have not attached any mark on their products will not be able to export their products to the UK countries without the UKCA mark as of January 1, 2022. The year 2021 has been determined as a transition period. Therefore, a manufacturer that attaches the CE mark to its products will still be able to export its products to the UK countries with the CE mark in 2021. However, as of January 2022, the CE mark and UKCA mark will be completely separated from each other and the products without the UKCA mark will not be exported to the UK countries.
There are two different answers to this question. Because the process will work differently for manufacturers that have and do not have a CE mark.
For a manufacturer who already has the right to attach CE marking to its products, the UKCA certification process will proceed much faster and easier. Because, by taking an active role as Szutest in the UKCA marking process of our customers who have completed the CE certification, we will enable them to easily complete the UKCA certification processes. The requirements for UKCA marking are the same as those for CE marking. The modules in the directives and the standards to be applied (except for particular cases) are also the same. At this point, a UKCA marking process will be operated by adhering to the requirements of the directives and standards that the product is covered. For this reason, the UKCA marking process will be relatively easy and fast for manufacturers who have already achieved this compliance.