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The Organic Content Standard (OCS)  is promoted internationally by the  Textile Exchange , provides for the release of an  environmental declaration  verified by a third party  that :
-validates the content of natural fibers  from organic agriculture in textile products (both intermediate and finished);
-guarantees traceability  along the entire production chain of raw materials, intermediate products and finished products.
All textile products that are composed of at least 5% of certified organic natural fibers can be certified according to the OCS standard  . The following aspects do not fall within the scope of OCS , therefore  they are not subject to verification :
-Quality requirements  of the material
-Safety features of the material
-Environmental performance and impacts associated with production processes
-Social criteria .
The OCS standard  applies to all textile manufacturing processes  starting from gymnastics, followed by spinning, weaving and all subsequent ennobling processes.
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