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BRCGS/IoP Food Package

BRC Global Standard, developed together with the Institute of Packaging (IoP), is a standard published to ensure the protection of consumers in order to support Packaging and Other Packaging Material manufacturers in fulfilling their legal obligations, to control and/or audit appropriate packaging production.

The BRC/IoP Global Packaging Standard is particularly suitable for packaging material suppliers to food manufacturers supplying food to British retailers. Its scope has recently been expanded to include medical, pharmaceutical and consumer goods packaging manufacturers.

To inform the participants about the "British Retail Consortium (BRC) standard, which is one of the standards that determine the necessary product safety and quality criteria of companies that produce and supply packaging for use in brands owned by retailers.

BRC/IoP covers all kinds of packaging industries (glass, paper-cardboard, plastic, metal, wood and other materials) in the world.

INSPECT can perform BRCGS/IoP certification through QIMA/WQS, of which it is the representative.

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