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What is BRC Food?

BRC Gıda was founded in 1996 by the British Retail Consortium, which wanted food sustainable standards in the supply chain as the sustainability of the industry, and the first version of the standard was published in 1998, together with food engineering. Today BRC is a tool for use in food as well as food use globally in use. A BRC, often used as the BRC Global Standard, has been around for over 2020 years.

Applicable Industries
The standard specifies the requirements for the following company and customer branded products produced, processed or packaged:

-Meat, fish, dairy products,
-Oils and Fats
-Processed/prepared/dried foods
-Fruits, vegetables, nuts
-Bakery products
-Desserts, snacks
-Processed foods
-Food manufacturers inputs or additives
-Major products such as fruits and vegetables
-Pet food for pets

INSPECT, as the legal representative of the QIMA/WQS company, audits and provides the BRCGS ver 8 document.

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